Short Christmas Message | Merry Christmas Messages for 2019-20

Short Christmas Messages | Merry Christmas Messages for 2019-20

Friends, Here we provide the latest Christmas Messages for  Christmas Wishing. You can easily copy and paste these messages and send them to your friends and family. With these Short Christmas Messages, you show your impression and love with each other. I use my full passion to provide Christmas messages for loved ones and Merry Christmas messages for boyfriend and girlfriends.


I hope this is useful for your Christmas whishing. These Short Christmas Messages help you much more.

Short Christmas Message

short Christmas message

Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday!

Have a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!
May this season of giving be the start of your better life.
Have a great and blessed holiday!
May this Christmas season
Brings you nothing but fond memories,
Happiness and laughter 
Wish you all the best this holiday season
and throughout the year,
Merry Christmas! 
Let us forget the past and start anew,
wishing to see you this Christmas! 
I wish this holiday season you would receive
Love, peace and joy for the whole year,
Merry Christmas! 
May you receive the greatest gift of all this Christmas,
someone to share your life with,
Merry Christmas! 
If I could tell Santa what to give you,
It would be happiness and peace
Not just this Christmas,
but for the entire year 
May this Christmas be
more than just a season,
but a way of life 
May this holiday season
be full of surprises and cheers,
simply because you deserved the best

One-Line Merry Christmas Short Messages

One line Short Christmas Messages are the most effective way to show Christmas wishing.

One-Line Merry Christmas Short Messages
One-Line Merry Christmas Short Messages

1. Merry Christmas from all of us! Here’s to a season of love and harmony!

2. Season’s Greetings from the family! Hope you all end the year on a bright note

3. I wish we could see all of you this holiday season! All the best for the New Year!

4. May your fire be warm and your home is bright. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

5. May your life be filled with the blessings of Christmas

And may it always be yours.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

6. May this season of love be the beginning of a blessed and peaceful year ahead. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

7. I wish you the unconditional love of God in all the dreams of your heart and your everyday prayers. Merry Christmas.

8. Prosperity and happiness are my prayers for you this Christmas season. May you end the year with a smile and start with hope for another year. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

9. I wish Christmas was every day because it is the one time of the year I get to spend with you. Merry Christmas!

10. If life has been bringing you down, may the miracle of Christmas bring you up and fill you with joy, peace, and love. Merry Christmas!

11. Countless gifts will definitely come your way, but I hope you find the value of immaterial things. Merry Christmas, dear!

12. I wish you nothing but the best of the joyous Christmas season. Embrace every blessing that will come your way. Merry Christmas!

13. I may not be with you, but my heart is always yours. May you have a warm and love-filled Christmas this year. Merry Christmas!

Heartwarming Christmas Message

heartwarming Christmas message
May your home be filled with joy and love
This Christmas season.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday! 
May the blessings and happiness
Of Christmas season be yours
May the next year be better and happier
Happy Holidays! 
Best wishes for you and your family this Christmas
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
May you be happy and blessed
Not just on Christmas day, but throughout the year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
Open the gift of happiness and love this Christmas
And share them with the others.
Have a blissful and happy Christmas!
1. May your life be filled with the blessings of Christmas
And may it always be yours.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2. Christmas is the festival of love and spirit
So let us drink the spirit to feel love
Merry Christmas to You

3. I would say all I want for Christmas is YOU,
But I really would love a new credit card as well!

4. Yippee! Another day again to receive, receive, and receive!

5. They say Christmas is a time for smiles.
How can I smile if my wallet has run out of cash?

6. You should know that you are getting older,
When Santa Claus is starting to look younger.

7. Doesn’t it make you wonder why Santa is still so old fashioned? He is trying to help us retain the true meaning of Christmas which is spending less and sharing more. Merry Christmas.

8. Christmas is supposed to be a time of fun, laughter, and cheer, but isn’t it sad that we have turned the most wonderful time of the year into the most stressful time of the year. Have a stress free Christmas this year.

9. What I like about Christmas is that you can make people forget the past with the present. – Don Marquis

10. My Christmas wish is to spend more time unwrapping presents than I do untangle lights. – Melanie White

Top Merry Christmas Wishes Messages

Top Merry Christmas Wishes Messages

1. In this category, you can choose good Christmas wishes greetings text that you can send to your family or friends. Some of these Christmas wishes are inspirational, cute and religious. Select the ones perfect for your needs.

2. My darling, my love, you will always be my ChristIf Santa truly granted wishes, I would make only one wish for Christmas that your Smile never fades. Merry Christmas.

3. I pray this season brings you unending bliss, Peace that transcends your soul and laughter for all your days. Merry Christmas.

4. I hoped for a miracle to make-believe in love, then I met you. Now I pray you never leave, this is my Christmas prayer. Merry Christmas my darling.mas miracle. I love you more than words can express and I wish a merry Christmas.

5. I pray this season brings to you the courage to brave new storms, Joy that numbs all pain and love that envelops you forever. Best wishes and a very Merry Christmas to you.

6. If Santa truly granted wishes, I would make only one wish for Christmas that your Smile never fades. Merry Christmas.

7. I pray this season brings you unending bliss, Peace that transcends your soul and laughter for all your days. Merry Christmas.

8. I hoped for a miracle to make-believe in love, then I met you. Now I pray you never leave, this is my Christmas prayer. Merry Christmas my darling.

9. Just like the uniqueness of every snowflake remains a mystery, you are just as special and magical to me. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

10. Christmas won’t be special without you, we miss you and wish you a perfect Christmas and a happy New Year wherever you are.

11. I have but one wish my dearest that you make this season perfect by sharing it with me!
Merry Christmas with all my heart.

Sweet Christmas Messages for Boyfriend

sweet Christmas message for boyfriend

1. I do not want you to get me any presents. I only want to have you with me and I will be very happy. Your presence is enough to have a Merry Christmas.

2. There have been many tests for our love, but it is all over now. We are happy today and I want you to come to my house and welcome Christmas together. I love you

3. It makes me very happy to have a boyfriend like you, someone who always keeps an eye on what happens to me, and who always gives me love and makes me very happy. At midnight tonight, I want to be with you to let you know I also love you with all my heart. Merry Christmas.

4. Before I met you, all the days were the same for me. Now that you are my boyfriend, it is important to be together every calendar day and show you how much I love you. Merry Christmas.

5. You make me happy in many ways, but tonight you only need to be with me and welcome the son of God in our hearts. Merry Christmas.

6. Ever since I am your girlfriend, I feel fortunate. Everything is going well and I am happy to be alive. This Christmas I want to thank you for making me so happy. Merry Christmas.

7. I love Christmas because everybody is peaceful and love is everywhere. Let us be happy and together tonight. I love you. Merry Christmas.

8. The best thing about Christmas is to hug you, looking at the sky and watching the fireworks. 

9. Thank you for making me the happiest girlfriend of all. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

11. Your kiss can be my best Christmas gift. Come tonight and kiss me to feel all your love.

12. No need to pull my pointy ears. I’ll be your Christmas elf this year.

13. How many Christmases until we start looking like each other?

14. Come down the chimney! I have a special Christmas present for you.

15. If you were turned into a snowman by an evil witch, I’d definitely us my magical kiss to turn you back into the man you are. Then I’d make you snuggle with me to warm me up.

16. Just seeing you brightens my Christmas.

17. I’ve enjoyed making great Christmas memories with you, and I look forward to more to come.

18. If I could package my heart and send it to you for Christmas, I would. Since I can’t, this card will have to do.

19. Christmas brings be happiness not because I can celebrate, But I know it brings happiness and cheers to my sweetheart Merry Christmas My Dear.

20. For the most special woman in my life, Who loves me unconditionally, Who cares for me Who cherishes me Merry Christmas!

21. I may not always say this but I want you to know that you’re the most awesome person I know The person who captured my heart And imprison me in her heart. Wishing you the best Christmas ever!

22. We may not be together this Christmas But just remember that in my heart You will always be around Together, by heart and soul, we will celebrate Christmas Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

23. This Christmas, I’m sending you a LOVE CAKE baked with 1 cup of love, 2 cups of trust, 1 cups of devotion, And a dash of charm, Merry Christmas, enjoy your gift!

24. This is but a message. These are but words. But these spring from core of my soul To wish you all the best this season holds. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

25. All my love for you will be my Christmas gift. I love you and I want us to celebrate Christmas Eve together at midnight tonight. Merry Christmas.

26. Tonight I will dress up and look very pretty for you. I want you to look at me and feel glad to be my boyfriend. I want us to hold hands and wish each other a Merry Christmas with a kiss.

27. You make me feel like a child waiting to open Christmas presents, even when it isn’t Christmas time. Of course, when it is Christmas time, I feel that way even more. I just like hanging out with you a lot.

All I want for Christmas this year is your presence. I don’t need any presents from you. 
Christmas is a great time to spend time with family. Even though you are not technically family, I feel like you are. Merry Christmas! 
It’s not just the Christmas lights; it’s also your smile. My heart feels so much warmth, when you make my Christmas bright. 
Knowing that you and I both have Jesus living in our hearts makes the distance between us a little more bearable. That’s the true meaning of Christmas for me this year. 
My feet may get cold, but my heart will always be warm with love for you. 
Good thing I have you as my own personal heater. 
Even though you drive me crazy sometimes, you can still drive me wild too. 
You are my true love and I am blessed that I won your heart Merry Christmas. 
This Christmas is Special for me, I am having a special person to think about Merry Christmas my love. 
Love is heavenly and Christmas is a heavenly Festival So I am having a great pleasure to wish Merry Christmas Merry Christmas sweetheart!! 
You are my love and hope, Everything seems fine when you’re around. I hope this love will be forever. Merry Christmas dear. 
My Christmas is more colorful on this year Because this year I am having your love Merry Christmas My Dear. 
Merry Christmas wishes to a special girl, Who has stolen my heart. Enjoy Christmas with party and dance. 
I can’t think of anyone I would rather spend Christmas with than you. I feel blessed as if I have been given a great present. 
Christmas time is a great time to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. I get spoiled by you a lot anyway, let alone at Christmas time. 
Having you lets me be sure that I won’t be lonely or unloved this Christmas, just like having Jesus lets me be sure that I’ll never be lonely or unloved any time of year.

Christmas Card Messages for Boyfriend

Christmas card messages for boyfriend

1. Sending your way, warm and love-filled Christmas wishes, my love! Merry Christmas!

2. On this magical Christmas evening, I would like to let you know that you are always in my thoughts and I love you more than anyone in this world. Merry Christmas!

3. I only want one thing from Santa Claus. Do you know what it is? It's you, my love! I hope Santa is hearing from me. Merry Christmas!

4. I wish we could celebrate Christmas together. Missing you so much right now. Merry Christmas!
This Christmas, may Jesus bless you with power to spread the magic of your positive aura. Love you, dear! Merry Christmas!

5. Show your love and appreciation to man of your life this Christmas using these samples of romantic Christmas messages for boyfriend. Choose the ones that will melt his heart.

6. I feel blessed to have a boyfriend like you. You are one of my life. May all your wishes come true, this Christmas evening. Merry Christmas

7. May all your dreams come true and may you become the happiest soul on Earth. This is my prayer for you this Christmas. Happy Christmas.

8. You are the reason for my smile. This Christmas, I want nothing but you! Hope my wish comes true. Happy Christmas

9. I feel blessed to have you in my life. Your love is a blessing and you, my reason to survive. Love you! Merry Christmas!

Romantic Messages for Him at Christmas

romantic messages for him at Christmas

1. You! Yes you, the one reading this message. I just want to let you know that you are really special for me and I will never ever want you to let go. I love you. Merry Christmas.

2. Keep your boyfriend Christmas messages sweet and romantic. If you are lacking the perfect words to express your love, here are a few examples of sweet Christmas messages for your boyfriend.

3. My life is bliss, just because you are with me. I am truly in love with you. May our love stays forever. Merry Christmas.

4. Since I have met you, my life has changed and I really love this change in me. Thanks a lot for coming into my life and making it beautiful as heaven. Christmas wishes to you, my love!

5. May Christ bless you with all the happiness in this world because now, what I really care for is… your happiness! I love you. Merry Christmas!

6. This Christmas, I want to let you know that my heart only beats for you. I love you. Happy Christmas.

7. This Christmas, I pray to Jesus Christ that the love in our hearts for each other grows deeper and deeper. I love you so much. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Message for Boyfriend Long Distance

Christmas message for boyfriend long distance

1. Last Christmas, you proposed to me! I can’t believe one year has passed. May more and more years come and we stay like this in love always. Merry Christmas!

2. May both us share the spirit of love and togetherness like this only and may Santa gift us the strength to be with each other in all thick and thin. Merry Christmas.

3. What makes Christmas special is, I meet you and we spend the evening together. I wish if every day was as magical as Christmas evening!

4. May the magic of Christmas fill our hearts with more love and compassion. Love you, my dear. Merry Christmas!

5. You are the best thing happened to me ever! I love you. I wish you were here with me to celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas!

6. Greet him with your sweetest and most romantic Merry Christmas wishes this holiday season. Make him feel loved and appreciated with these Christmas messages and wishes for him.

7. Life becomes easier when you find your soulmate. I feel blessed to have you in my life. Love you. I wish you a happy Christmas evening!

Christmas Message for Girlfriend Long Distance

Christmas message for girlfriend long distance

1. This Christmas, I want to tell you that I live to love you. May our love stay forever! Merry Christmas.

2. May Santa give you the gift of love and luck and may Santa give YOU as a gift to me. Santa, are you listening?

3. You make my life beautiful just like a magical evening of Christmas. Stay here forever! Merry Christmas.

3. Just a simple message to let you know that you are special to me. I love you! Merry Christmas!
May all your wishes come true this Christmas. Well, one of them is already granted. You have me now. Merry Christmas.

4. I am so happy to spend this Christmas with the one that made my life happy and complete. I’m all yours, baby. Merry Christmas!

5. I feel so blessed to have the most beautiful gift ever – YOU. I love you so much, darling!

6. I have nothing to ask for coz all my wishes came true when I found you. You made my life complete. I will always love you. Merry Christmas!

7. You know that I’m not really one of those romantics but since I met you, here I am, doing whatever will make you happy this Christmas. I love you so much!

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